Sound and style: exclusive mix from Santé

It was a fabulous year for Santé: successful in some of the most prestigious DJ and track charts, he also set up his own record label Avotre and a fashion line, and now is about to hit the decks of the Coronet in London at the Eastern Electrics NYE party.

Here, Santé answers our questions about his music and style, and introduces his mix, available exclusively on 160g podcast.


How and where was your mix for 160g recorded?

It was a Monday studio recording after a fantastic weekend, it includes all the tracks that worked massive in the clubs. So it’s full of energy!

Why did you choose to remix Dino Lenny’s ‘West End Girls’?

Basically I always choose a track to remix with great elements that I can use for my music. So it could be a great vocal, a melody or something else that I really like and I use just that small part to create something of my own. With Dino’s track, he has got this nice idea from the Pet Shop Boys and it’s also got a super nice vocal that stood out to me.

Can you tell us about the process of making your new fantastic EP ‘Do you wanna’? What is the idea behind it?

There was no real plan behind the EP. I just get into the studio and experiment and see what comes out, what I create from my feelings and inspirations at that time. It was just the flow in the studio and luckily the tracks worked perfect together for an EP.

What track are you particularly proud of?

I really like ‘Do You Wanna 808’, because of its old school house feeling. That’s what I love, creating fresh sounding takes on that original era and whenever I DJ, I always play some kind of classic house with a new sounding twist to it.


What is the concept behind Avotre?

I started Avotre as a playground for me and close friends, it’s not only a record label, it’s more or less a lifestyle brand, where we can do clothes, skateboards, music or anything else. Because for me, everything fits perfectly together. Ideas and inspirations can be channelled in to all forms creativity whether it be music, designs or beyond.

What’s the hardest thing about running your own label?

It´s the daily business, phone calls, emails emails emails emails!! Haha. There is a lot of time spent going through the motions, talking to people and making everything happen. But, I suppose it means that I get to do things the way I want to and really get to be involved in the whole process from start to finish.

Could you tell us about your Tribe collection: what in particular links fashion and music of Avotre?

The Tribe is the first compilation linked with the collection. As I say before, when you are channelling your influences and creativity you can do this onto multiple canvases. So you can see this here, where parts of the CD artwork are also parts of the clothing line designs.

What is your role in shaping the collection? Who are you working with on fashion and graphic design?

I am totally into street wear, I love it so much. All the ideas, sketches, colours and styles are from me. For the final process I work with a design office called Artlier Conradi. They finalise all the technical drawings for the production and sample process.

What influences your aesthetics?

Design classics, architecture magazines, blogs and all the influences while I am travelling.

You’re playing in London at Eastern Electrics NYE along with Eats Everything, Miguel Campbell, Joy Orbison and many other amazing DJs. Are you planning to make a presence on the dancefloor?

Good question! I don´t know yet. I always love NYE shows, there is a lot of excitement in the room and there is always a huge crowd involved from the line-up to the dancefloor. So maybe, we’ll see!

What are your plans for the coming year?

I’m going to move into a new studio. I am really happy with how this year worked out, so that’s all I’m changing for 2013! ;)

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A limited number of tickets for Eastern Electrics New Year’s Eve with Sante, Eats Everything, Joy Orbison, Miguel Campbell and others is still available here.

No NYE after party? A wicked secret line-up has been prepared by Eastern Electrics for four rooms at Ministry of Sound! The party will go on 6am-2pm, and £10 tickets are still available here.