Chicago: The Musical

CHICAGO The Musical

Music: John Kander / Lyrics: Fred Ebb / Theatre St Gallen, Switzerland

A new proposal from the German speaking countries: the whole musical was translated to German with a new interpretation of it.

One must say that they came back to the origins of the play, concerning set and costumes, that are more alike to the 1970′s, when Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera where performing this.

It is a more colourful CHICAGO with more 1920′s references in costumes such as cloche hats, waistcoats, flappers dresses, boobed hair, long pearl collars and gem bracelets and frocks. It was accurate and classy but to be honest some flesh was missing due to the nature of the musical, the theme and the characters.

CHICAGO The Musical

The set was a good complement for the show, a mix from the movie version, the musical and new and fresh ideas. Although it was so bright at one point that the sexiness of it was gone with it.

The cast is strong in dance sequences and acting, the only missing item was the choreography, which, I am assuming due to rights, they created from scratch. In my opinion it was not quite right as they missed some sensuality, the cheeky and small details and movements that can provoke your mind to go further.

CHICAGO The Musical

The overall production however was good, precise and well performed.

Here you can find a short video of the original Chicago Finale (1975) with Gwen Verdon & Chita Rivera:

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