Pastel is the New Black

Pastel is the new black – or so we are told this season. The shops (even ultra-minimalist Cos!) are filled with lavender, mint green, icy blue and pale pink garments. Getting us ready for the first rays of the spring sunshine, our favorite brands are infusing our wardrobe with some hardcore femininity. As Kurt Geiger says, “Pretty! Candy shades, but not always so sweet!”

Pastel is the New Black

This resurgence of cute girly colors, lace and ruffles, is alarming. How you dress is how you want to be perceived, and looking like you just spilled the contents of your eyeshadow all over your chiffon dress is not the best way to be taken seriously. Living in London in 2012 (rather than – sadly, perhaps – in 70′s LA) requires you to think about how you want to present yourself. You wouldn’t want to restrict your image to that of a delicate woman, a ‘bubbly’ untheatening Zooey Deschanel lookalike, would you?

The problems with trends like these is that they come and go, weakening your own sense of self by distracting you, presenting ‘pretty’, cute alternatives to an edgy, interesting and dangerous personal sense of style.

Pastel is the New Black

The point is, your clothes should give you confidence, empower you – and whatever brands say, pastel colors, no matter how you dress them up or down, will always make you look like a wallflower once the initial surprise has worn off (in about 5 seconds). Dressing up like a pretty pastel candy doll won’t get you anywhere. At least it won’t get you anywhere that matters.

There is a reason why the little black dress is a staple if you’re going for classy, and why when a new trend rolls around, it is supposed to be ‘the new black’. In the end, no matter how much you experience and endeavor to escape it, the new black will always remain … black.

Like any fashion icon would say, don’t go with fashion – go with style.

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