New 160g magazine Curiosity & Vanity



CURIOSITY and VANITY  Edito by Fabrice Léonard

Fashion conceived as a huge cabinet of curiosities.

This season, designers, as well as perfume and jewelry makers, store and display their treasures –

finely crafted clothing, delicate accessories, precious bottles and special ornaments – in a dream-like place resembling an intimate museum.

160g Magazine opens its doors and invites you to discover their wealth over the pages of its new issue.

Between eclecticism and novelty, collections pay tribute to the vanities, these very wide-spread pictorial allegories hailing from the Baroque period, particularly known in Holland .Vanities are defined by the presence of several inanimate objects, each of them having a meaning of its own. For instance, books, weapons and wine invite the audience to reflect upon the vanity of earthly pleasures: knowledge, wealth, power, pleasures of the senses …

The skulls, hourglasses, butterflies and dead flowers symbolize the fragility of human existence.

Finally, wheat and laurel wreaths symbolize resurrection as well as eternal life. The aesthetics become abstract and charged at the same time, full of symbols that many designers -