Producing and directing a film telling the story of an ethnic ballet, or meeting of tribal dancer and a radiant goddess. This film reflects the visionary and mysterious atmosphere of the countryside amid unexpected and contemporary choreography, punctuated by tropical music, which calls for the spiritual journey.

A barefoot dancer with a tribal appearance perform a « shamanic » ballet around a gigantic totem in the middle of a studio plunged into obscurity.

The totem is illuminated and project footages from a « goddess » that the dancer revered: a city-dweller woman.

Her dance moves wake up the goddess and between them start an exchange, sensual and jealous, cadenced and physical, until the very last confrontation where the 2 women switch places.

Enigmatic, Phantasmagoric, Intense, seducing, we are going to revisit the totem and his symbols in a graphic and contemporary way.

This is a sensitive, mischievous, unexpected, feminine and fashion like film.